Lost assets

Coinbase does not evaluate whether unsupported assets are authentic, safe, or secure, and is not liable for any loss. Customers are responsible for doing their own research.

If you’ve transferred an unsupported cryptocurrency asset to your Coinbase account, those funds have historically been lost unless Coinbase later adds support for the asset. 

With the asset recovery service, verified Coinbase customers can now recover lost funds for certain ERC-20 assets and send them to a self-custodial wallet of their choice. 

Asset recovery isn’t currently available to customers in Japan or to Prime or Custody customers.

Steps to recover lost assets

Sign in to your Coinbase account from a web browser and follow the steps below (Asset recovery isn’t currently available via the mobile app). 

  1. Go to the Asset recovery page

    • Or from the Support menu, select Recovering crypto, then Continue

  2. On the Let’s find the transaction screen, enter the Ethereum transaction hash ID and the crypto address you received the unsupported asset on, then select Continue

  3. Once the transaction is found, select Continue

  4. Connect the self-custodial wallet of your choice

    • If you don’t have one, you’ll have the option to create a new one with Coinbase Wallet 

  5. Review the transaction summary and any associated fees, then select Continue to complete the transaction 

Note: Only certain ERC-20 assets are eligible. If you try to recover an asset that isn’t eligible, you’ll be notified during the above steps that the asset isn’t eligible.

Keep in mind

  • Coinbase does not evaluate whether unsupported assets are authentic, safe, or secure, and is not liable for any loss. Customers are responsible for doing their own research.  

  • Coinbase does not currently support the recovery of rebase tokens (i.e., crypto assets whose circulating supply adjusts automatically in conjunction with the asset’s price). 

  • Coinbase only allows certain assets to be recovered. If your token isn’t recoverable and you believe this is in error, please contact support.



Is there a charge?

Customers are responsible for any Ethereum network fees. For recoveries with an estimated value of over $100, we charge a small administrative fee to cover the costs of developing and maintaining the service (see our pricing and fees disclosure page for more details). 

Will the network fee come from the reclaimed amount or from somewhere else?

The network fee will come from your Ethereum balance. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you’ll have to purchase Ethereum or convert from another crypto balance in your Coinbase account. 

Why do I have to pay the fee in Ethereum?

Coinbase can only collect fees in the form of supported assets. For now we only support the collection of fees in Ethereum.

How long will it take to see my funds back? 

Time varies based on network confirmation requirements. The Ethereum network requires 14 confirmations to complete a transaction, which can take from a few seconds up to about 10 minutes based on network activity. Network conditions may further delay transactions.

Can I speed up a transaction?

No. Standard network confirmations are required for the transaction to be completed.

What wallet will my funds be recovered to? Is a self-custodial wallet needed?

You can recover funds with most self-custodial wallets, including Coinbase Wallet. During the recovery process from your Coinbase account, you'll connect the self-custodial wallet. Note that you'll need to own the wallet (in other words, have access to the private keys).

Which assets are eligible for recovery?

Coinbase only allows certain assets to be recovered. You can chat with us to see what’s eligible for recovery. NFTs are not recoverable at this time. 

Will other assets be recoverable?

We may support assets on other networks and token classes other than ERC-20 in the future, but a date isn't available at this time. 

Where do I find my crypto address?

See Where is my crypto address? 

How do I find the transaction ID for the asset I’m trying to recover?

1. Find the wallet address the funds were sent from and enter it on Etherscan.io

2. From the ERC20 Token Txns tab, select the Txn Hash that matches your transaction 

3. Copy the Transaction Hash (this is the transaction ID that you’ll need to recover the funds)

Learn more about transaction hashes/IDs

Why can’t Coinbase find the funds for me?

Coinbase doesn't maintain records for unsupported assets. Customers need to identify the transaction and provide the details for us to find and process the lost funds.

Can rebase tokens be recovered?

No, we don't recommend trying to recover rebase tokens (i.e., crypto assets whose circulating supply adjusts automatically in conjunction with the asset’s price). Our systems aren't set up to handle the balance change and the amount recovered may be different from the amount displayed in the tool.

Why can’t I access my ETH balance right away? 

Funds are generally available in your account as soon as payments clear. Coinbase partners with various payment service providers in different geographic regions, and timing varies according to your location and payment method used. Learn more about the timing of a purchase or deposit completion or your available balance.



I’m signed into my Coinbase Retail account but I can’t send to my self custodial wallet

Check to see if you have allowlisting active on your account (if allowlisting is active, the address that you’re sending to must be allowlisted for ETH).

I can’t remember what asset I lost

Try to find the transaction by following these steps:

1. On Etherscan.io, search the address of either the wallet the funds were sent from or the Coinbase address to which they were sent (See Where is my crypto address?

2. Check the results for transactions involving assets that Coinbase doesn’t support 

I can’t remember the address I lost the funds on

Find all of your crypto addresses and search them on Etherscan.io to identify the transaction for the lost funds.

I don’t have sufficient funds to pay for the fee

Coinbase can only accept Ethereum for network and recovery fees. If you don’t have enough, you can either purchase more Ethereum or convert another crypto in your Coinbase account. 

Why is my transaction not posting right away?

Transactions have to go through the normal network confirmation process. You can view the progress of your transaction on the etherscan link in your confirmation email.

Sends may also be delayed for account-specific security reasons. 

Why is my asset not supported?

Only certain ERC-20 assets are eligible for asset recovery. You can chat with us to see what’s eligible for recovery. 

What if my phone doesn't receive the prompt to authorize the send when connecting the wallet?

Try restarting the wallet app on your phone. We've found that this generally solves this issue.

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