Add a payment method

UPI System

We're experiencing an issue with the UPI system, so buys are currently disabled. We’re working hard to resolve the issue. We advise that you check your account periodically to see if the issue is fixed.

Note that we don’t support another payment method to buy crypto at this time. Thank you for understanding.

Linking a payment method to your Coinbase account may allow you to buy or sell supported cryptocurrencies.

  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

  • Bank account via IMPS

Keep the following in mind:

  • UPI: If you’re prompted to enter your PAN card number, you must enter it for compliance reasons.

  • Bank account: We’ll instantly verify your account by making a small ₹1 deposit. The deposit will come from [email protected]

To add a payment method: 

  1. Tap  on the Home tab > Profile & Settings.

  2. Tap Add a payment method.

  3. Tap your preferred payment method.

  4. Follow the remaining prompts.

Learn more about payment methods.

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