Selling crypto

Bank account (via IMPS)

When you sell crypto, you initiate an immediate cash withdrawal to your bank account. We currently do not support having a cash balance on your Coinbase account for customers in India.  

How do I sell crypto?

To sell crypto:

  1. Click Buy / Sell (web browser) or tap (mobile).

  2. Select Sell.

  3. Select the crypto you want to sell and enter the amount.

  4. Choose the bank account you’d like the funds to be sent to. 

  5. Select Confirm and sell to complete this action.

Once your sell is complete, the cash from your sell will be immediately sent to your bank account. For steps on how to link a bank account, see this help article.

Are there fees for selling crypto?

There is a 0.1% transaction fee when you sell crypto. All fees we charge you will be disclosed at the time of your transaction. Learn more about Coinbase pricing and fees.

How long does it take for a transfer to reach my bank account? 

Funds will usually reach your account within a few minutes—no matter if it’s a holiday or weekend. However, depending on your bank, it could take 3-5 hours for the funds to appear in your account. 

If your funds haven’t made it to your bank account after five hours, please reach out to your bank for support. If you still need help, you can contact Coinbase Support.

Where can I find the transaction reference number for the transfer?

You can check your latest bank statement to view the transfer and reference number/ID.

Note that our processing payment partner’s name will appear on your bank statement.

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