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Certificate of Incumbency

What is the Certificate of Incumbency?

A Certificate of Incumbency is an official document issued by a corporation or limited liability company that lists the names of its current directors or officers. It is used to identify individuals who are authorized to enter into legally binding agreements or transactions. 

What if I don’t have the Certificate of Incumbency?

You may provide the Certificate of Good Standing instead. It is a legal document that certifies that a company is properly registered with the state, is up to date on all state registration fees and required document filings, and is legally permitted to engage in business activities in the state. In some states, it is called the Certificate of Status or Certificate of Existence. A Certificate of Good Standing typically has an expiration date (When the registration is due to be renewed, or when periodic documents or registration fees are due).

Which incorporating countries require the Certificate of Incumbency?

The Certificate of Incumbency is required if your applying entity is incorporated in one of the countries below.

Countries of incorporation that require a Certificate of Incumbency

The certificate of incumbency confirms the corporate setup of an entity at any given time and is generated by the management company that set up the entity. 

 American   Samoa

 Cabo Verde


 Saint Vincent and   the Grenadines


 Cayman Islands



 Antigua and   Barbuda

 Cook Islands






 Sint Eustatius


 Dominican   Republic


 Sint Marteen


 Netherlands   Antilles

 Saint Croix

 Trinidad and   Tobago



 Saint John

 Turks and Caicos



 Saint Kitts and   Nevis

 US Virgin Islands



 Saint Lucia



 Marshall Islands

 Saint Martin

 British Virgin   Islands


 Saint Thomas