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About Node

Coinbase Node simplifies data access and lets developers instantly activate read/write access to desired blockchain networks. Developers can create an API access token or, in some cases, a public access client, that they use in a project.

A Coinbase Node project is a resource that a developer or their organization uses within Node to interact with the blockchain.

Coinbase Node offers two plans: Free and Enterprise.

Node Free plan

A Free plan from Coinbase Node gives you access to Advanced APIs and NFT APIs to help you access data from the blockchain that you can store in your apps and services. Advanced APIs simplify your code and workflow, helping you gather data faster than when using native protocol APIs alone.

Node’s NFT API provides you with access to NFT data with developer-friendly APIs. Our NFT will help developers query metadata, build buy/sell NFT marketplaces, and/or add NFT functionality to their applications.

We currently offer Ethereum on Coinbase Node if you’re subscribed to the Free plan. If you’re interested in working on other protocols, consider upgrading to the Enterprise plan.

Node Enterprise plan

An Enterprise plan from Coinbase Node will allow you to create a private RPC node project that can help you interact with the blockchain. Enterprise plan customers also have the ability to make a public access client, which allows the Node project to receive requests without needing a username and password.

Coinbase Node customers who subscribe to our Enterprise plan work with one of our Engagement Managers to create and manage their Coinbase Cloud projects. If you’re interested in subscribing to the Enterprise plan, please contact us using our Cloud interest form. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager.

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