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Launch a project with an Enterprise plan

Coinbase Node customers who subscribe to our Enterprise plan work with one of our Engagement Managers to create and manage their Coinbase Cloud projects. If you’re interested in subscribing to the Enterprise plan, please contact us using our Cloud interest form. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager.

Coinbase Node simplifies data access and lets developers instantly activate read/write access to desired blockchain networks. Developers can create an API access token or, in some cases, a public access client, that they use in a project.

A Coinbase Node project is a resource that a developer or their organization uses within Node to interact with the blockchain.

What is Node Enterprise?

An Enterprise plan from Coinbase Node will allow you to create a private RPC node project that can help you interact with the blockchain. Enterprise plan customers also have the ability to make a public access client, which allows the Node project to receive requests without needing a username and password.

Private RPC nodes allow you to participate in, or interact with, an ever-growing list of blockchain protocols. Your Coinbase Node project can be geographically distributed across providers and regions, creating partial or full redundancy. Requests are routed to nodes based on latency. This setup helps ensure all requests are answered as efficiently as possible.

A project built using an Enterprise plan from Node will be composed of read/write nodes, which allow for querying and posting transactions to a blockchain. They can be used for blockchain reporting, confirming transactions, building distributed applications (dapps), and more.

Launch a project

You can easily spin up a Coinbase Node project after you’ve become an Enterprise customer. You’ll work with your Engagement Manager to establish your limits and the protocols that you plan to interact with. Once you’ve become a customer and have access to the Node’s Enterprise plan platform, you and your Engagement Manager can establish limits on your account that allow you to spin up your own project.

Follow these steps to spin up your own project: 

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase Cloud account.

  2. Select Node on your homepage.

  3. Search for your desired protocol, select it from the list, or select View all protocols to expand the list and see all of our offerings.

  4. If you’ve onboarded to the selected protocol and you have a high enough limit to spin up a new project, you’ll be able to select Create at this point. Select Create and follow the rest of the steps here.

    If you have not yet onboarded to the protocol or if your limit is not high enough to spin up a new project, select Request to reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager. Your Engagement Manager will discuss your options with you and walk you through the rest of the process.

  5. Name your project.

  6. Select a network.

  7. Distribute your nodes or select the number of nodes you want.

  8. Select your node type, if necessary.

  9. You may also need to select your client, provide an OrganizationID, or select a project type.

  10. Select Review & pay.

  11. Complete required steps for payment and for reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service.

  12. Select Launch project.

Access your project

Once launched, it can take a project anywhere from a few minutes to several days to sync with the network. The wait time depends upon the protocol and/or node being used. A project is not active until it is synced and running.

Once your project is ready, you will need to create an API access token or public access client in order to access it.

When you are notified that your project is running, you’ll need to create either a public access client or an API access token in order to start using your project. A public access client allows for access without a username and password. API access tokens require usernames and passwords for authentication. Both options can have rate limits and IP allowlists.

Launch more projects

You can run as many Coinbase Node projects at one time as you need. Sign in to create a new project or submit a request for access via the Coinbase Cloud platform to get access to more protocols.

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