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Launch a project with a Free plan

A Free subscription plan to Coinbase Node currently only allows you to operate on the Ethereum network.

A Coinbase Node project is a resource that a developer or their organization uses within Node to interact with the blockchain.

Advanced APIs

A Free subscription plan to Coinbase Node gives you access to Advanced APIs and NFT APIs to help you access data from the blockchain that you can store in your apps and services. Advanced APIs simplify your code and workflow, helping you gather data faster than when using native protocol APIs alone.

Coinbase Node’s Advanced APIs include data for: 

  • Token balances

  • Token transfers, including internal transfers

  • Smart contract events

Each query can provide you with one of these types of data.


Node’s NFT API provides you with access to NFT data with developer-friendly APIs. Our NFT will help developers query metadata, build buy/sell NFT marketplaces, and/or add NFT functionality to their applications.

Coinbase Node’s NFT API include data for: 

  • Token metadata, transaction history, and ownership

  • All tokens within a collection

  • Collection metadata, which collections are trending, and lists of all collections

We currently offer Ethereum on Coinbase Node if you’re subscribed to the Free plan. If you’re interested in working on other protocols, consider upgrading to the Enterprise plan.

Launch a project

Here’s how to get started with a Free subscription plan to Coinbase Node: 

  1. Sign in to Coinbase via the Cloud console. 

    • If you’re having trouble accessing an existing Coinbase account, here are some suggestions for troubleshooting. If you have not yet created an account, select Create account after navigating to the Cloud console. You'll need to provide your name, an email address, and a unique password.

    • After troubleshooting your account or creating a new account, sign in using the console.

  2. Select Free. For information on signing up for the Enterprise plan, check out this article.

  3. Name your project.

  4. Select the Ethereum protocol.

  5. Get your API access token.

  6. Start sending requests to native protocol API, advanced APIs, and NFT APIs. You can find a list of available advanced API endpoints and of available NFT API endpoints in our developer documentation.

  7. Store your access token username and password.

    • Coinbase will not store your password for security reasons. If you lose your access token and password, you will have to delete your project and create a new one.

    • If you are working with others, you will need to share this information with them. You’ll only have one API access token per project.

  8. You can send a test request to confirm that your project is working correctly.

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