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Participate customers work with one of our Engagement Managers to run a dedicated validator node as part of a cluster. If you’re interested in becoming a customer, please contact us using our Cloud interest form. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager.

Building your organization

Add or delete users from your account

Members of your team can be added to your organization to help with management and to access account information and reporting. You can add as many members to your organization as needed.

User types and permissions

Account owners are currently able to add two types of members to their organization: admin and user. Admin accounts are for any members of your team to whom you’d like to delegate full privileges. User accounts are view-only; these accounts are generally used by analysts or other members of your team who won’t need to make changes.

This table shows the permissions available for each role.



Create, delete & update

Invite users

Manage user privileges

Remove admin

Update billing info









Every member you invite to your organization will receive an email with a unique sign in link to create their own Coinbase Cloud account using the email address that you used to invite them.

Add or delete users from your organization


  1. Sign in to your account on the Coinbase Cloud Console.

  2. Select the User icon.

  3. Navigate to Settings.

  4. Select Organization.

  5. Enter the email address of the member you'd like to add.

  6. Select a role from the dropdown.

  7. Select Send invite.


  1. Sign in to your account on the Coinbase Cloud Console.

  2. Select the vertical dots next to the user in the Users table.

  3. Select Delete user.

Change billing information

Customers are billed monthly, either by credit card on file or by invoice. 

Change or update your credit card information

  1. Log in to your account on the Coinbase Cloud Console.

  2. Select the hamburger menu. Navigate to Billing.

  3. Select Replace card.

  4. Enter your card information and select Save changes.

If you are invoiced monthly and would like to use a credit card on file to be charged automatically, please submit a request through your dashboard and a member of our support team will assist you.

If you have questions about your bill, please contact your dedicated Engagement Manager.

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