Frequently Asked Questions about Opening an Account (FAQ) (Japan)


On this page, we will explain any questions or problems you may have when opening an account in Japan. For the overall flow of opening an account, please refer to Information on opening an account.

Preparing to open an account

What do I need to do to open a Coinbase account?

  • You must be residing in Japan and 18 years old or above

  • Have your identity verification documents (For the types of identity verification documents that can be used to open an account, please refer to "About Identity Verification Documents")

  • Have a smartphone (subscribe to a communication plan that can receive SMS)

What types of identity verification documents can I submit?

Please refer to "About Identity Verification Documents".

Can I open an account even if I am not Japanese national?

Yes, you can open an account even if you are not a Japanese national. We can only accept Residence Cards for foreign nationals.

This may not be available to some customers. If you don't see the options to provide a Residence Card, you'll need to wait until the option is available.

Can I open an account even if I live outside Japan?

If you live in a country where the Coinbase Group provides services, you can apply to open an account. Click here for a list of supported countries.

If you are moving from Japan to an address outside of Japan, please contact customer support.

If you live in Japan, we need to confirm your place of residence in Japan, so please prepare an identity verification document that allows you to confirm your current address.

Are there any restrictions on opening an account?

We're not providing any services to Politically Exposed Person(s) (foreign or domestic) or members of the anti-social forces. For more information, please see the Definitions of Attestation for Japan.

Is there a fee to open or maintain an account?

There are no fees to open or maintain an account. Click here for other fees.

What kind of support can I get after opening an account?

Currently, we provide customer support by email and phone.

Enter your account information

What is the purpose of entering my email address?

  • You will need your email address to open an account or log in to your account. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about the purpose for which you provide your information, such as your email address.

  • For the registration e-mail address, use an e-mail address that allows you to receive e-mails on the device (computer or smartphone) used to access our services.

How will the information I enter be used?

Please refer to our privacy policy.

Unable to set password

We automatically determine if your password is strong. Without using passwords used by other services, try any combination of letters.

Do I need to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Yes, you need to agree to everything in order to open an account.

I haven't received the email

  • Please make sure that your email address is entered correctly.

  • Please check if it has arrived in another folder such as junk mail.

Set up two-step verification

What is two-step verification?

See About two-step verification.

What is an authorization code (or code)?

It is a 6-digit number that can be sent by short mail or displayed on the authentication system application, etc., depending on the type of two-step verification you have set.

Can I register a landline phone number?

No, landline phone numbers are not available. Please have your mobile phone number ready to receive SMS.

What are the supported two-step verification apps (one-time password generation apps)?

Learn which two-step verification apps are supported here.

Answer the attestations

For more information, please see the Definitions of Attestation for Japan.

Confirm your identity

What is identity verification?

Identity verification is a method for verifying that the customer opening an account is who they say they are. As a registered crypto asset exchange company, we will comply with the law, prevent unauthorized account creation and use, and provide a secure platform; based on the Coinbase Terms of Service, we will perform identity verification procedures for all customers.

What should I do if I get an error in my identity verification?

  • Please check again if the information you entered matches your real name and address on the verification document, and if there are any typographical errors in the information you entered. Be sure to enter the exact same language and character type that are used on your specific ID.

  • If the information you entered is accurate but your identity verification does not proceed, please contact our Customer Support.

Why do I have to verify my identity?

As a financial institution regulated by the competent authority, we are required by law to verify the identity of all customers. Proper identity verification is also an important factor in preventing the creation and use of fraudulent accounts and providing a secure platform. Therefore, we ask all customers to verify their identity based on the Coinbase Terms of Service.

How do I verify my identity?

We will guide you as part of the registration procedure for opening a Coinbase account.

Will selfies taken with identity verification be made public?

No. The content taken by identity verification will be used only for the purpose of screening the opening of an account within our company and will not be disclosed to the public.

How is customer information used?

Learn more about Data Privacy at Coinbase.

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