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Payment required

The Payment required notification means that Coinbase didn’t receive the cash you added to your account from your bank.

  • You initiated a deposit of cash into your Coinbase account from your bank account

  • A credit in the amount of the deposit was immediately available for you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency on Coinbase

  • We requested the cash from your bank within five days of you initiating the deposit

  • You spent some or all of the amount that was credited to your account

  • Your deposit transaction was reversed

  • Coinbase didn’t receive the cash from your bank

  • A hold has been placed on your Coinbase account preventing additional buying, selling, or trading until you successfully deposit an amount equal to the credit you spent

You have five days from notice to successfully deposit the full amount owed.

If you’re unable to successfully deposit the required amount within five days, Coinbase will sell an equivalent amount of any cryptocurrency held in your account and use the proceeds to cover what you owe.

If you have no cryptocurrency in your account or the proceeds are insufficient, then the hold will remain on your account until you successfully deposit that amount you owe.


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