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Rewards hub on Coinbase

There are many ways you can earn rewards as a Coinbase user. The rewards hub on Coinbase is a centralized place where you can learn about new rewards available to you and track the rewards you’ve already earned.

This feature is currently available on Coinbase.com, not on the mobile app.

What rewards are available?

Some of the available rewards include:

  • Earned prizes

  • New user incentives

  • Referral offers

  • Sweepstakes

Note: Each offer is a separate program that has different entry points and rewards. 

Where can I find the rewards hub?

To view your rewards hub:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase account.

  2. Select Rewards Hub in the side navigation.

You'll land in the rewards hub.

What does each section mean?

There are different types of programs and rewards in each section of your rewards hub.

Program Value Learn more
New Challenges New rewards you’re eligible for Sweepstakes and new user incentive offers
Learn & Earn Different cryptocurrencies you can learn about and earn cryptocurrency Coinbase Earn
Referrals Rewards you can receive for each person you refer to create a Coinbase account Making successful referrals
Recurring Buy Assets you can complete recurring buys of and earn a cryptocurrency reward Set up recurring buys or sells
Coinbase Card Spend cryptocurrency or US dollars anywhere Visa cards are accepted and earn rewards Coinbase Card
Coinbase One beta Coinbase One beta is a subscription that gives you access to reduced trading fees and additional support and protection Coinbase One beta
Earn interest Earn interest (rewards) on your cryptocurrency when you keep a specific balance of it Earning rewards with staking

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