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Prohibited regions

Governing bodies enforce regulations and financial sanctions that prohibit transactions with certain high-risk regions. 

Coinbase does not permit access to its website or mobile application in any jurisdiction that is subject to the sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Treasury and other governing bodies. Customers attempting to log in from one of these prohibited regions will be prevented from accessing our services. Should a customer attempt to access the Coinbase website or mobile application, access will be denied and the customer will receive a pop-up message informing the customer that he/she is attempting to log in from a prohibited region.

Please be aware that access to your Coinbase account will be restricted as long as you are in the prohibited region. If you reside in a non-prohibited region, your access will be restored once you log in from any non-prohibited region and, if necessary, verify your identity.

If, however, Coinbase concludes that you reside in a prohibited region or are violating applicable sanctions in any way, your account will be closed and Coinbase will take any other actions required by law. 

To learn more about the U.S. Treasury and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), please visit their website

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