How can I close my account?

If you wish to close your account because you believe it has been compromised, visit this article for help: My account was compromised.

Follow the steps below to permanently close your account.


  1. From the menu icon, select Profile & Settings.

  2. Scroll down below the Account menu and select Close account.

  3. Review the information and follow the remaining prompts.


  1. From the bottom of the Profile page, select Close account.

  2. Review the information, enter your password, and select Close Account to continue.

Keep in mind

  • Accounts must have a zero balance to be closed. If you have a balance that's too small to cover any fees associated with selling the crypto (this is known as dust or a dust balance), you can:

    • Send the balance to a different Coinbase user's email.

    • Forfeit the funds and allow Coinbase to zero out any remaining balances, which can be done by contacting us.

  • If you have a web3 wallet, transfer all of your assets to an external wallet first to avoid permanently losing access to those assets.

    • Coinbase can’t recover these assets after your account is closed and is not responsible for any losses arising out of your failure to transfer your assets to an external wallet.

  • You can request to delete an unverified account by contacting us.

Personal information

Coinbase retains some personal information for a minimum of five years or as necessary to comply with legal obligations, to prevent fraud, or to resolve disputes, as outlined in the Coinbase Privacy Policy.

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