About identity verification documents (Japan)

The following identity verification documents can be used in our procedures.

  • Driver's license issued by the Government of Japan

  • Individual Number Card issued by the Government of Japan

  • Residence Card issued by the Government of Japan

Identity verification documents such as an international driver's license, driving history certificate, passport and a notification card of Individual Number are currently unavailable.

For customers that are foreign nationals living in Japan, in order to comply with the local regulations, we're only accepting Residence Cards for the verification step at the moment. Please submit a Residence Card even if you have a valid Japanese Driver's License or Individual Number Card. Please make sure that your Residence Card is valid for at least six month from the date of application.

This may not be available to some customers. If you don't see the new verification options available, you will need to verify with a Driver's License issued by the Government of Japan.

Please refer to this help page for frequently asked questions about authentication using identity verification documents.

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