To provide an additional layer of security for our customers, Coinbase may delay logins to your account if we don't recognized the Authy device used to generate your 2-step verification code.

If you DID NOT authorize the login attempt:

  1. Immediately disable sign-in on your Coinbase account using the link in the notification email
  2. Contact us, being sure to select "Account Hacked" as the Category

If you DID authorize the login attempt:

  • Take no action and your 2-step verification device will become trusted in 48 hours
  • From the Coinbase login page, use the Verify your identity with a photo ID link to complete photo ID verification. Once completed, you will be able to sign in with this device
  • Use a previously-used 2-step verification app to sign in to your account immediately

Please contact us and select the "Account Hacked" category if you ever see any suspicious activity on your account.