LocalBitcoins and Coinbase

As it currently stands, state and federal financial regulations generally separate digital currency participants into 2 groups: users and exchangers. A "user" is someone who buys/sells digital currency through a licensed Money Services Business (like Coinbase), exchanges digital currency for goods/services, and/or accepts digital currency in exchange for goods/services. An "exchanger" is someone who provides currency exchange services for users. Examples of this would be directly buying or selling digital currency for USD or other fiat currencies via services like LocalBitcoins, PayPal, BitQuick, or similar.

Since digital currency "exchangers" require various licenses from federal and/or state regulation institutions, Coinbase customers may not operate their Coinbase accounts as a business engaged in the exchange of virtual currency for fiat currency, funds, or other virtual currency. Coinbase reserves the right to limit your account if we detect activity which constitutes a violation of this policy and/or our User Terms. We further reserve the right to limit your account use if your account is associated with high-volume activity inconsistent with personal use.

For further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.