Summary of November 2020 User Agreement Update

Thank you for using Coinbase! Coinbase is updating its User Agreement, effective November 2020. We are making some updates to the User Agreement to reflect the fact that the Coinbase entity (or entities) that provide your services are changing as part of a customer migration (see additional information in our November 2020 account update help article).  We are also making some other changes to clarify our role in the services we provide, and to reflect some new products that we offer.  

This summary is intended to help you better understand your updated User Agreement.  To see the full scope of changes in the updated User Agreement that will govern your Coinbase account and use of the Coinbase services, you will need to review your full updated User Agreement:

  • If you are a user residing in the European Economic Area, updated terms are available for you to view here;

  • If you are a user residing in Singapore, updated terms are available for you to view here; and

  • If you are a user residing outside the European Economic Area, Singapore, the United States of America, or Japan, updated terms are available for you to view here.

Below we list a summary of the major changes and clarifications. Where a word or phrase is capitalized in the below summary, that word or phrase has the same meaning as it does in the updated User Agreement.

  • Change the details of the Coinbase company (or companies) which provides service to you, to reflect the customer migration.  This includes changing the details of any applicable regulatory authority, and including any risk warnings as required by law.

  • Update the provisions relating to registering multiple accounts, and Coinbase’s ability to suspend accounts.

  • Update our agreement to remove an obligation on Coinbase to help you move or sell Digital Currency that we no longer support.

  • Clarify our policy on Supported Digital Currencies.

  • Update our policy on changes to the underlying protocols of Digital Currencies (e.g. "forks") held in Coinbase balances.

  • Clarify that Coinbase does not support the use of multisig vaults.

  • Clarify that when you hold Digital Currencies in your Digital Currency Primary Balance none of those currencies are the property of Coinbase and, other than in specific cases, Coinbase will not sell, transfer or loan your Digital Currency.

  • Update our agreement to clarify the complaints process.

  • Add a section explaining our "Death of Account Holder" process. 

  • Remove Appendix 5: Developer’s Tools License (which can be found at 

  • Add Appendix 6: Staking Services (which users who access staking services have already agreed to at the time of accessing those services).

If you have additional questions, please contact us at the Help Center.

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