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What to expect during the planned Ethereum network upgrade (Constantinople)?

Updated as of February 27, 2019: On February 28, 2019 at approximately 11 AM PST, Coinbase will pause sending and receiving of Ethereum (ETH) during a planned network upgrade (Constantinople). We will provide an updated status when the upgrade is complete.

Updated as of January 16, 2019: The planned network upgrade (Constantinople) has been delayed.

The Ethereum (ETH) network is expected to undergo a planned network upgrade known as Constantinople at some point in the future. Coinbase intends to fully support the Constantinople Ethereum (ETH) upgrade.

Customers on Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Prime, and Coinbase.com and our iOS and Android apps can continue buying, selling, trading and converting Ethereum (ETH) during the upgrade. 

Upon commencement of the upgrade, for security and technical  purposes, we will temporarily pause sending and receiving ETH across all of our trading platforms until the upgrade completes and we confirm security of the network. The network upgrade will not interfere with buying, selling or trading of ETH on Coinbase Pro, Coinbase.com or mobile apps.

The upgrade was originally planned to occur when the Ethereum chain reached a block height of 7,080,000, which we expected to occur sometime between January 14th, 2019 and January 18th. On January 15th, Ethereum.org developers decided to delay the network upgrade and have yet to provide updated timing.

We will update this support article if conditions change or more information becomes available.


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