Coinbase Service during COVID-19

Coinbase is operating important infrastructure for the economy during the COVID-19 disruption. As we work to ensure the security of our customers’ accounts and to keep our employees safe, we may experience degraded performance and availability for some Coinbase services. 

To keep you as up-to-date as possible on what services may be impacted, please continue to refer back to this page of resources.

How to contact Coinbase Support during this time

  • You can reach us by phone, live messenger, or email by filling out our support form. For more details on how to get in touch with a member of our support team, check out this help article

  • The best way to get help is to read one of our Help Center articles to find answers to your questions.

To stay up to date on service delays with the Coinbase platform

  • We’re currently experiencing delays in connection with the processing and verification of identification documents that have been submitted to Coinbase.

For more details, please visit our status page.

For more information on how Coinbase is supporting customers and employees

Coinbase planning and response to COVID-2019

We have made our latest coronavirus planning materials available to our customers, other global businesses, and the broader crypto community.

How we’re supporting employees, customers and each other during COVID19

A few updates on how we are keeping employees safe and ensuring that we are serving our customers.

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