My account was compromised

Suspicious activity on your account?

Tip: Secure your account to prevent suspicious activity in the future.

Secure your Coinbase account by locking it

Able to sign in? You can do this yourself

You can temporarily lock your account from a web browser or the Coinbase mobile app (these are the quickest methods).


To lock your account from a web browser:

  1. From your account settings, select the Security tab. 

  2. Scroll to See something unusual? at the bottom of the page and select Lock your account.

  3. Review the Are you sure? warning and select Yes, lock my account

Mobile app

To lock your account from the Coinbase mobile app:

  1. From the menu, tap Profile & Settings

  2. Scroll down to Security and tap Lock my account

  3. Review the Are you sure? warning and select Yes, lock my account.

Unable to sign in to lock your account?

1. Navigate to Fraud and suspicious activity

2. Select the option per your scenario under Lock your account

3. Follow the prompts to secure your account to prevent further suspicious activity

Coinbase will need some information to help us understand your issue. Please provide/be prepared to provide the following information when contacting support:

1. When your last successful login and authorized action on your account was

2. A list of any actions that were not authorized by you, including the amount and timing of any transactions (this information could be found in your bank statement(s) or email)

3. Do you have any information on how your passwords, email, 2-factor codes, and/or device might have been compromised or could have fallen into the hands of a third party?

4. Any additional information you can provide to help us understand the circumstances surrounding any unauthorized activity in your account

As a security precaution, if you're able, please immediately take steps to reset your email account’s password and enable 2-step verification on your email. Then, please reset your Coinbase password at this link:

For additional information on setting a strong password, you can review

Call Coinbase Support to lock your account yourself using our automated system or to get help from a live agent. If you’re traveling abroad, call the local phone number in your country of residence.



Toll free phone number

Local phone number 

Hours of operation



+1 (888) 908-7930

+1 (844) 613-1499




+44 808 168 4635

+44 151 308 1768




+1 800 200 355

+353 1 529 5132




+49 800 0010726

+49 221 68943025

9 AM - 6 PM CET (GMT+1), daily



+34 900 983 477



Important: Once you've locked your account, you'll be required to complete account access steps to get back in.

What happens when your account is locked?

When your Coinbase account is locked, Coinbase will prevent the movement of funds in or out of your account, and will work with you to securely get you back into your Coinbase account. 

For more details on account protection at Coinbase, please see Coinbase Account Protection.

How to secure your accounts if you’re concerned with your security

See How can I make my account more secure for tips on securing your account.

Learn how best to protect your Coinbase account. 

2-step verification

2-step verification is by far the best way to secure your account (aside from a strong password). 2-step verification is required on Coinbase, but there are a few 2-step verification methods that are more secure than others. Visit what is 2-step verification to learn about the different options available and which methods we recommend. 

Report unauthorized transactions

If you see unauthorized transactions on a bank statement or on your Coinbase account, you can report them.

Once all of your accounts are secure and your passwords are updated, you'll need to get back into your Coinbase account. 

Accessing your Coinbase account

Follow the steps listed in Accessing my account to get started. Please note that we may ask you to submit your ID or documentation through SendSafely to regain access.

Account security and crypto scams

Here are some help articles that detail account security and avoiding crypto scams: 

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