Resolve "account temporarily disabled" error

Understanding the error message 

The "Sorry, account temporarily disabled" message signifies a potential  security concern, requiring a Coinbase Security review for resolution. Follow the steps in Resolving account restriction to initiate the  review.

Reasons for account restriction

  • Suspicion of malicious activity targeting your account.

  • Detection of a security issue during account recovery.

  • Requested by you via a link in a Coinbase email due to unrecognized account activity.

Resolving account restriction

  1. Ensure your email password and 2-step verification setup is secure.

  2. Reset your password for your Coinbase account.

  3. Contact Coinbase Support, providing:

    1. Last successful sign-in and authorized action details.

    2. Details of unauthorized transactions, if any.

    3. Information on compromised passwords, email, or 2-step verification codes, if applicable.

    4. Additional information to help us understand the attack, if applicable.

Our team will  review and aim to restore account access within 10 business days. Some cases may require additional time due to the sensitive nature of cryptocurrencies. 

If you are the victim of a theft or crime, immediately report to and all relevant authorities. Coinbase fully cooperates with all law-enforcement investigations.

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