Coinbase tax information

US customers can use Coinbase Taxes to find everything needed to file taxes. Coinbase Taxes will help you understand what activity is taxable, your gains or losses, earned income on Coinbase, and the information and reports (including IRS forms) you need to file. 


  • If you’ve earned less than $600 in crypto income, you won’t be receiving a 1099-MISC form from us. Visit Qualifications for Coinbase tax form 1099-MISC to learn more.

  • If you are a US customer who traded futures, you'll receive a 1099-B for this activity via email and in Coinbase Taxes.

  • Non-US customers won’t receive any forms from Coinbase and must use their transaction history report to fulfill their local tax obligations.

  • Coinbase Taxes reflects your activity on but doesn’t include Coinbase Pro or Coinbase Wallet activity. Visit the Statements section of your account to download Pro transactions.

Crypto tax obligations

  • Tax types: There are two types of crypto taxes in the US: capital gains and income

  • Trading fees: They're included in your cost basis (what you paid for your crypto) and excluded from your proceeds (what you earn from selling or trading)

  • Crypto donations: Charitable contributions of crypto may be tax deductible

    • Consult your tax advisor regarding your personal tax circumstances

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