Coinbase Advanced error messages

When you use the advanced trading tools, you may receive one of the error messages below while placing an order. See the list to understand what these error messages mean and how to fix the issue. 

  • Insufficient Funds: This means you entered an order amount that’s more than your current balance for that asset. 

    • Lower your order amount or select Add funds to add cash or crypto to your balance to place your order. 

  • Minimum and maximum orders: If you try to place an order but exceed the maximum decimal amount, then you will receive an error message and won’t be able to place the order. 

    • You may get an error message that says, "BTC can only have up to 8 decimals.” For example, this means you cannot place an order for 0.100000234 BTC but you can for 0.10000023. In this case, you should reduce the number of decimals points so you can place this order.

    • If your order size is too small, then you will receive an error message with the acceptable minimum order size. You should adjust your order size. (E.g. “Minimum order is 0.0001 BTC” or “Minimum order size is $5.00.”) 

See the Market Information page to learn more about order minimums and maximums.

  • Something went wrong: If you try to cancel an order or update your watchlist and get this message, please try the action again. If the issue continues, reach out to us for further help.