Asset Ratings & Reviews Content Policy

Coinbase has a simple approach to content moderation.  We follow local laws wherever we operate.  In addition, we use the spirit of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as our guide to what type of legal speech to allow globally.  

Our global framework for content decisions is as follows:  

  • Is it illegal content in a jurisdiction in which we operate?  If yes, for now we will remove the content globally but in future we will be able to remove content in the specific jurisdiction where it is illegal.

  • Is it unprotected content under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution? If yes, we will remove globally

  • Will an app store require us to remove the content to adhere to their guidelines?  If yes, we will remove globally or locally as required by the app store

What does this mean in practice? Here’s guidance to help you figure out what’s allowed and what’s not on our platform: 

  • Keep it legal. We expect you to comply with local laws and regulations. In the United States, we generally allow content that is protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  

In the United States, we prohibit reviews that: 

  • Facilitate phishing, collection of private user information or other misleading and deceptive practices

  • Facilitate sexually related services such as prostitution and escort services

  • Facilitate sale of narcotics, regulated goods and controlled substances

  • Engage in fundraising and support for terrorist organizations

  • Threaten violence

  • Facilitate unlawful gambling

  • Make sure content belongs to you. We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will take down infringing content. If you have a DMCA takedown request, visit our Legal Removals page for information on how to contact us.

  • No Sponsored Reviews or Reviews from Members of an Asset’s Project Team. We do not allow sponsored reviews (or reviews that a user has been compensated for writing or submitting. Individuals who are responsible for the development, issuance or maintenance of an asset (for example, a member of the Project Team, a channel administrator, paid contributor or Project Team employee) must not review that asset, and such reviews are prohibited.

  • No Doxxing. We will take down content that shares private information about other users (such as their home address and phone number) without their consent, and will comply with Right to Be Forgotten requests where valid. 

  • No fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or scammy activity.  Don’t engage in phishing, attempting to collect private user information (such as seed phrases) or misleading activity including posting spam or deceptive links to external domains, submitting inauthentic reviews through bots or any other automated means, or brigading (improperly coordinating review of an asset to influence its rating).  If you post scams, malware, or other similar content that violates local law or consumer protection guidelines, we will take it down and ban you.  We will also report fraud on our platform to local authorities. 

  • Do not impersonate any user or entity.

  • Violation of any of these policies may result in access restrictions or termination of your account.

 See here for more information about our legal removals request process.