Asset reviews basics

Asset reviews allows users to share their insights about digital assets. This can help keep you and other traders informed about these assets and make it easier to find the assets you are most interested in. 

You will be able to create written reviews and rate assets on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. You will also be able to up or down vote reviews written by other users.

What is an asset review?

An asset review is a feature on the Coinbase platform that allows you to share your insights about digital assets for others to discover and learn from these reviews. 

How can I rate or review an asset? 

You can navigate to an asset page and click 'Add a review.' You'll be able to leave a rating on a starred scale from 1-5, as well as an optional written review.


What do asset reviews tell me?

Asset reviews provide additional user perspective into digital assets by users like yourself.  Ratings and reviews are for informational purposes only, written by users and not Coinbase, and should therefore not be treated as investment advice. Coinbase makes no representation on the accuracy or suitability of information provided or for a particular asset. 

Should I buy an asset with a high rating or good review, or sell an asset with a low rating or poor review? 

Asset reviews are user-to-user, and are for informational purposes only.  Coinbase does not provide trading or investment advice. 

Who is eligible to post an asset review?

Only users who have verified their identity on Coinbase can post an asset review. Please confirm your identity before posting a review. Learn more about confirming your identity here

Can I change my display name?

Yes, you can edit your display name on the web browser version of your Coinbase account. To edit your display name:

  • Click on the user icon on the top right corner of your screen and select ‘Manage your profile’. 

  • On your profile page, select ‘Display name’ to edit your name and then click ‘save’. 

Where are my previous reviews?

You can find your previous reviews by navigating to the asset, selecting 'See all reviews' and then 'My review.'


Can I edit or revise my review after posting it?

After a review has been completed, you will have the ability to modify it afterwards. 

  1. To do this, select ‘See my reviews’

  2. Navigate to the review you want to modify

  3. Select the 3 dot icon next to the review. Two options will appear below your screen: Edit review and Delete review. 

  4. Select the  ‘edit review’ button. 

  5. Make the edits you want and then select ‘submit.


You also have the option to delete your review. If you deleted your review by mistake, you can undo your action by selecting ‘undo’ right after deleting the review.  Once this option disappears, you will no longer be able to recover your review.


Can I submit a rating without a review?

Yes, you can submit a rating without needing to write a review.

How often can I make a review on an asset?

You can create a review on an asset once.

How long can my reviews be?

Reviews can be a minimum of 30 characters and up to 900 characters in length. 

How does up or down voting impact reviews?

Up and down votes allow the community to weigh in on which reviews they believe are most helpful. 

What can I write about in my review? 

Please share your opinion on the digital asset that you are reviewing and ensure that your review complies with our community policies

How do I report a review?

You can report a review for violating our community policies by navigating to the review, selecting the 3 dot icon and then selecting ‘Report review’. 

Fill out the form and include any details or information about why you are reporting the review, and then click ‘submit’.

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