What is the 'Experimental asset' label?

What is the Experimental asset label?

To be transparent and help customers make informed decisions, we’ve added an Experimental asset label to certain tradable assets that are either new to our platform or have relatively low trading volume compared to our broader crypto marketplace. 

We encourage you to exercise caution with these assets as they come with certain risks, including price swings and canceled orders associated with lower volume and availability. 

Are there trading restrictions associated with the Experimental asset label?

No, the Experimental asset label will not impact your ability to send, receive, buy, sell and/or hold assets on Coinbase. However, we do ask you to read and confirm you understand the risks involved, such as price swings and canceled orders, before trading an experimental asset for the first time. 

How do I know if an asset is considered experimental?

For relevant assets, the Experimental asset label will appear on the asset detail page for customers who are signed in to their account. If you try to purchase one of these assets, you'll also be advised during the process.

The requirements for identifying assets as experimental might change over time due to market conditions. We’re constantly monitoring the assets on our platform and may remove the label when an asset no longer meets the criteria.

We strongly encourage you to learn about crypto before you trade, regardless of whether an asset carries the Experimental asset label or not.