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Why are my card purchases timing out?

For customers in supported countries outside of the United States, we support debit card purchases provided your card supports '3D Secure'. Some banks will require various security steps to authorize a purchase using 3D Secure. Some of the methods you may see are a text message, a bank provided security code, or security questions.

Once you confirm a purchase with your card on Coinbase, you may be redirected to your bank's website to verify the transfer. While Coinbase performs testing to ensure compatibility with most major browsers, there may be situations where you are not correctly redirected to your bank's website. If you are unable to confirm your purchase with your bank because of this, Coinbase will not be able to complete your order.

To create a successful purchase, we recommend that you:

  • use the Chrome browser
  • ensure there are no extensions or popup blockers enabled

As another workaround, you may create a purchase using the Coinbase mobile app for iOS or Android.

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