Tracking your rewards payouts

Which assets are eligible for earning rewards?

We’re constantly reviewing and adding new reward earning assets. For the full list of the currently available options, log in to your Coinbase account.

How do I know how much I’ll earn in rewards?

The amount of rewards earned will vary based on the asset and will change over time. We’ll always display the current rate within each of the asset’s pages in your Coinbase account. 

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards always reflects the cash value you received when the reward was added to your account.

This means if you earn $5 in Solana (SOL) today, the amount will always be calculated as $5, even if the price of SOL goes up or down.

What happened to pending rewards? 

We've removed pending rewards as part of our change to how earnings are displayed, but all rewards and future payouts remain the same. The only change is the ability to see pending rewards

How can I tell how much rewards I’ve earned?

You can view your total amount of rewards by logging into your Coinbase account and viewing the Earn tab. 

How can I tell what my average rewards rate is across all assets? 

You can view your total amount of rewards by logging into your Coinbase account and viewing the Earn tab. We display your average earn rate directly next to the total amount of rewards you’ve earned.

The average rate displayed is a blended average which is calculated by averaging the APY you’re receiving across all of your assets that earn rewards. 

How often are rewards paid out?

The rewards payout schedule will vary depending on the asset. For more information on the payout schedule for specific assets, check out these articles:

Is earning rewards a taxable event?

US customers who are subject to US tax reporting are required to report their earnings from Staking rewards. US customers that earn over $600 in Staking rewards will receive a 1099-MISC from Coinbase. You can learn more about the 1099-MISC on the official website of the IRS.

What regions are eligible for earning rewards?

Eligibility will vary depending on the asset. To start, you can learn more about earning rewards with Coinbase and USD Coin Rewards in the Coinbase Earn section of our Help Center.

Once I start earning rewards, can I opt out?

Yes. You can unstake your assets at any time by going to the asset’s page and selecting Earning balance. From here, you can manage your staked balance.

Note: Some assets will earn rewards while they are being unstaked, and some won’t. You’ll also need to wait until the on-chain, unstaking process is complete before you are able to sell or send your assets.

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