Managing my Direct Deposit

Do I have Direct Deposit Enabled?

You can check if you have Direct Deposit enabled in your account settings, by selecting Direct Deposit. Your Routing number and Account number will be displayed if Direct Deposit has been enabled correctly. You will also be able to view if you have enabled an active paycheck distribution and can change the distribution settings from this screen.

Note: if you disable your paycheck distribution for Direct Deposit at some point, the Routing number and Account number will still be visible under Direct Deposit. 

After disabling your paycheck distribution for Direct Deposit from your Coinbase account, we recommend that you contact your employer or payroll representative to confirm that your paycheck distribution has been effectively disabled. Note that this process can take up to 2-3 pay cycles to be effective.

Can I use my account and routing number to withdraw money from my Coinbase account?

At this time, you can only deposit funds using the Direct Deposit account and routing number to which your direct deposit funds are sent.  You cannot use the account and routing number to make debits or withdrawals and they will be rejected.  You can withdraw the funds in your Coinbase Account into your bank account or PayPal account by using the payment methods available in the withdrawal flow. You can also spend your Direct Deposit funds using your Coinbase Visa Card.

How do I find my account/routing number?

The Pathward N.A. account and routing number to which your direct deposit funds are sent can be found under the Direct Deposit tab on the settings page. This account and routing number cannot be used to make any withdrawals. 

Can I change the cryptocurrency selection?

Yes, you can always change your existing cryptocurrency to another supported cryptocurrency or US dollar. Please be aware that the future direct deposits will then be transferred to the new corresponding balance.

Once you update your cryptocurrency selection, please allow up to 1 pay cycle to take effect. 

Can I select more than one type of cryptocurrency for each direct deposit?

Yes, you may select up to five types of cryptocurrency when setting up your direct deposit.

How can I disable paycheck distribution into Direct Deposit?

In order to disable your paycheck distribution into Direct Deposit, you will need to contact your payroll provider and/or employer and ask them to update your payroll settings. You can do this by logging into your payroll provider/employer (from their website) and disabling the distribution towards your Coinbase Direct Deposit. You can also go to Coinbase settings and then download the direct deposit form from within settings. You can update the direct deposit form with your setting (i.e. zero direct deposit) and provide this form to your payroll provider/employer.

How can I reactivate my paycheck distribution into Direct Deposit after deactivating? 

You can reactivate the paycheck distribution into your Direct Deposit account by visiting the settings page and selecting Distribution. You will be able to login to your payroll provider/employer account and update your distribution. Alternatively, you can also provide your Direct Deposit account and routing number (available on the settings page) to your payroll provider/employer.

Can I receive my paycheck early?

Some direct deposit users may get paid up to two days early through Early Pay. This service is only available for qualifying direct deposits and is subject to conditions. See our terms for details.

What is the maximum amount that I can deposit into Coinbase via Direct Deposit?

You can deposit up to $25,000.00 (post-tax) per deposit and up to $25,000.00 per calendar day. Note that you can continue to deposit additional funds using other payment methods.

If your paycheck was rejected due to these maximum allowed amounts,  then please contact your employer or payroll provider and ask them to initiate the fund transfer again with a reduced amount (less than $25,000). 

I want to split my Direct Deposit across multiple crypto. How can I do that?

You can split your direct deposit across five cryptocurrencies.

  • New customers: You'll see this option when you sign up for direct deposit.

  • Existing customers: Select up to five assets from your Settings page.

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+ If you choose to be paid in crypto, Coinbase will automatically convert your paycheck from US dollars to crypto with no transaction fees.