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Asset recovery

As part of our launch of multi-chain support, customers who previously sent USDC, MATIC, or ETH on the Polygon network when it was unsupported will now be credited for their funds. 

Customers will receive the amount of crypto that was sent on the original send date, not the value that it was worth on that date. 

  • Example: A customer sent 1,000 MATIC on the Polygon network to their Coinbase account on December 26, 2021 when the price was $2.92. At the time, the funds were worth ~$2,920. When we launch Polygon network support, the customer will receive 1,000 MATIC, which will be worth today’s value.

What you can expect

If you previously sent USDC, MATIC, or ETH on the Polygon network:

  • You’ll be credited automatically with no action required on your part

  • You’ll receive an email from Coinbase advising that you received funds (it will look similar to the standard Receive Confirmation email)

  • You’ll receive the standard push notification when receiving crypto

  • You can see the details and link to the block explorer in your transaction history on the Pay tab for the date that the transaction was initially sent

    • Example: If you sent 1,000 USDC on the Polygon network to your Coinbase account on February 1, 2020, you’ll find the details by reviewing your transaction history for this date (regardless of the date that it was credited to your Coinbase account)

Asset recovery only applies for USDC, MATIC, or ETH that was previously sent on the Polygon network.

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