Unsupported Crypto Recovery

If you've mistakenly sent unsupported ERC20 cryptocurrency (crypto sent on the Ethereum blockchain) to Coinbase or Coinbase Pro, we may have good news! We're developing a service to help recover many of these cryptocurrencies, which should roll out later this year.

When will this service be available? 

We're aiming to make this recovery service available sometime in 2021. We'll update this article when we have a more accurate timeline.

What ERC20 cryptos are available for recovery? 

We're developing a list of recoverable cryptos, and we'll add it to this article when we have the list finalized. It will include certain ERC20 cryptocurrencies (crypto sent on the Ethereum blockchain), but not all of them, and all other unsupported cryptocurrencies will not be recoverable. We'll update and add cryptocurrencies to this list in the future to accommodate additional unsupported cryptos.

Will there be recovery service for other blockchains?

There are many cryptocurrencies that exist on several different blockchains, but we're only focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and specific ERC20 cryptocurrencies. We're looking into ETH-based non-ERC20 crypto recovery in the future, but we won't be supporting this when we launch this service.

How do I use this service? 

Once this service is available, we'll add the recovery steps here.

Why can't Coinbase recover my cryptocurrencies now?

We're still building out this process, which takes time. We also need to make sure these recoveries are secure and legal. The Ethereum blockchain prevents transfers from being reversed, and it doesn't require acceptance by the receiver of the transfer, which means, aside from building out this recovery service, we have to do our due diligence.

Why am I able to send unsupported crypto to Coinbase? 

At a protocol level, we can't reject unsupported ERC20 deposits, and other exchanges or wallets are not able to determine if we support a specific cryptocurrency. As a reminder, be sure to use the correct blockchain when depositing ERC20 cryptocurrencies.

Please remember to check our Supported Cryptocurrencies help article before sending crypto to Coinbase. 

Why can't Coinbase send these funds back to me automatically? 

Sending deposits back to the original crypto address from an exchange is unreliable. It's difficult to be sure the deposit will go to the original sender and the original wallet address. 

Using our recovery service will be much easier, safer, and more secure for both Coinbase and our users. 

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