Trading on a DEX

  1. Navigate to the Trade tab on your Coinbase account.

  2. Search for and select the cryptocurrency that you want to trade and select Trade on DEX.

  3. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase or swap.

Note: Not all assets are available via DEX. If you search for an asset that isn't supported on the Coinbase DEX feature, the option to trade on DEX will not be presented to you.

DEX trading is only available on certain networks. If you’d like to trade on a network that isn't supported through the DEX trading feature, please use our Coinbase Wallet product.

Most ERC-20 tokens will be available for trading but there will be some which are restricted. If you don’t see a token that you’d like to trade, please use the browser within your dapp wallet to navigate to the DEX of your choice (for example, Uniswap) and trade the token there.

Trades from Trade on DEX and within the web3 browser both require the use of a web3 wallet. If a new web3 wallet was created for you to execute your first DEX trade from your main Coinbase account, that web3 wallet can also be used to execute other trades within the web3 browser.

If you already have a web3 wallet, you can immediately trade on a DEX.