What is a Dapp Wallet

The Dapp Wallet is a crypto wallet where Coinbase holds half of your private keys and the device that your dapp wallet is on stores the rest. This solution:

  1. Provides you the convenience to easily access your wallet 

  2. Provides an added layer of security by not having all of your keys stored in one location

  3. Shares the responsibility of knowing and storing your security key for your wallet between you and Coinbase, making wallet recovery more simple.

Coinbase will provide you with your own dapp wallet as a way for you to easily trade tokens that can only be found on DEX’s, as well as to interact with DEXs and various other decentralized applications on the Dapp browser. 

Please note that Coinbase is not affiliated with, and does not endorse any third-party DEX or Dapp. Coinbase is not responsible for any lost funds when interacting with a DEX or dapp. 

By comparison, your Coinbase primary wallet is a custodial wallet used on your main Coinbase account. With the primary wallet, your cryptocurrencies are stored on Coinbase.com and can be traded within your Coinbase account at fast speeds and for lower network fees.

The Coinbase primary wallet cannot be used to trade DEX tokens or access dapps. You can access your dapp wallet by accessing the Dapps tab within your Coinbase account.

Do I need to have a Dapp wallet setup before I can trade on a DEX?

Yes. If you are trading on a DEX for the first time through your Coinbase account you will first be prompted to create a dapp wallet before you can begin trading. 

As soon as you select a token that you want to trade that is not currently available on your Coinbase account, we will automatically create a new dapp wallet for you and request that you transfer ETH to that wallet so that you can make the trade through a DEX where that token is available.

Once your dapp wallet has been created, you are free to use it to execute future DEX trades or to interact with NFT, gaming or other trading dapps on our Dapp browser. 

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