Coinbase Commerce fees

Account fees

There are no fees for signing up or creating a Coinbase Commerce account. 

Transaction fees

Coinbase charges a flat 1% transaction fee on all cryptocurrency transactions. Coinbase Commerce is the service platform that facilitates the payment for merchants and customers by providing transaction reporting tools to streamline accounting, flexible invoices, custom checkouts and more, which is why there's a fee for cryptocurrency transactions. Please see our Terms of Service for further details.

How will fees be reflected in my account?

Due to how specific blockchains process transactions, the Coinbase fee will be deducted from your payments differently. 

For assets hosted on the Ethereum blockchain like USDC, DAI, and ETH, the transaction fee is instantly deducted from your customers’ payment. All transaction and fee information are reflected in your payment details and in generated reports.

For non-ERC-20 assets like BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, the transaction fees will be deducted when you withdraw crypto from your Commerce account. When you receive a payment, you will see collected upon withdrawal listed under Coinbase fees on the payment details to reflect the fees that’ll be deducted from the payment. The available balance shown on your dashboard is how much you can immediately transfer out to your Coinbase account. If you hover by the icon next to Available Balance, it will show you your total account balance and the amount of fees owed to determine your available balance.

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