Fee Collection

Fee Collection for Coinbase Managed Commerce

Coinbase Managed Commerce automatically deducts 1% of all incoming payments from merchants' customers before depositing the remaining amount into the merchants account. 

How Automated fee collection works:

  • When a payer sends a payment, their crypto funds are transferred to Coinbase Commerce where settlement instructions are carried out.

  • This commerce account captures a 1% fee and the remaining 99% of funds, in crypto or fiat (cash), are then sent to the merchant's exchange account.

  • If the merchant has chosen auto-conversions, the remaining 99% of crypto funds will first be converted into fiat before being sent to their exchange account.

Automated fee collection currently works for all supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDC.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does Coinbase Managed Commerce charge a 1% fee? 

Coinbase Managed Commerce operates like a payment processor for merchants. We collect and convert funds on behalf of merchants, then settle payments out to merchants through their exchange account.  

This is done to create a seamless and cost effective payment experience for both merchants and their customers. In order to support this experience, we charge a 1% fee for all incoming payments from merchants’ customers.

Where can I see how much Coinbase has collected in fees? 

Fees can be viewed for individual payments by clicking the ‘Payments’ tab to view the Payments table, then clicking on a specific payment to view the payment details, including fees, settlement type, net amount and exchange rate.

Payments Table.png
Payments Details.png

A customer payment has failed to arrive in my account 

If a payment fails to arrive in your account, please visit our help article for guidance on how to resolve the issue.

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