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Coinbase Commerce is introducing new functions for merchants to collect crypto donations from users, to display relevant disclaimers, collect information from donors, and download collected information.

This will enable Coinbase to better serve nonprofits, charities, 501c3 organizations, political action committees, and political campaigns. The enhanced functionality includes the ability to add an extended terms of service field, set suggested and maximum donation amounts, and collect additional information from the donor.

How do I create and set up a custom donation payment flow on Coinbase Commerce? 

  1. Navigate to the Checkouts tab on the left-side of the Coinbase Commerce Home Screen and click on the Create a checkout button.

  2. Fill out the form fields to create your custom donation payment flow.


3. Once you’ve finished populating all the fields, click the Create checkout button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Copy the embed code into your site or share your custom link to donors or payers.


Can I return a donation from a sender if they are suspected of being involved in illicit activity?

Yes you can, however the wallet address is not available on the receipt page. To find the address, you’ll have to navigate to the transaction details to etherscan which will have the address.

As a merchant, you will need to be careful about returning funds on chain to the address. If the payer sent funds from a custodial/omnibus wallet, then the sender address would be for Coinbase or other custodial wallets and not for the user directly.

Is there flexible pricing available for Commerce for non-profits?

We currently do not currently offer flexible pricing options but plan to in the future.

Can I limit the amounts that donors send without providing identity?

We currently do not offer this capability.

Is there a donation size limit for Commerce? What happens if I receive a large donation?

As the merchant, you are able to set the donation size limit. Self-custodial wallets can send however much they want, but it is up to the merchant to return any funds over the limit. 

What are the current assets supported on Commerce?

See our supported assets on Commerce with additional asset support coming in the future. 

What reports can I pull for past Commerce transactions? 

Learn more about generating transaction reports here.

How do I make a donation? 

  1. Enter your details into the donation form.

  2. Select or enter the amount you want to donate.

  3. Complete the transaction with Coinbase or donate through another cryptocurrency.


Will I receive marketing emails if I donate through Commerce?

No, donors will not receive marketing emails from Coinbase if they donate.

Why does Coinbase collect info for certain mandatory fields?

Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation, and employer of individuals whose contribution exceeds $200 in an election cycle. 

Can I receive a tax receipt for donating to a non-profit? 

We currently do not offer this capability.

Is there a donation size limit for Commerce? 

Users are able to pay any amount through Commerce with two current exceptions. 

By paying through the “Pay with Coinbase” flow, users are limited to $10,000 payments.

Auto-conversions have a maximum payment amount of $1,000,000 for the conversion to be automated. Auto-conversions are currently only offered in the United States and use the market rate once the funds from the payer have been deposited.

For other payment specific questions, please see our Commerce Payments FAQ.

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