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How do I connect Coinbase Commerce to my eCommerce provider?

We currently offer integrations to 12 of the most popular eCommerce platforms. You can find a list of these platforms, along with instructions on how to get set up, here.

How can I connect Coinbase Commerce to a custom backend?

We offer an API to integrate your custom backend with Coinbase Commerce. This API allows you to create charges and get cryptocurrency addresses for your clients to pay to, and receive webhook notifications when a payment is made. Additionally, we have built four client libraries to simplify interacting with our API.

How do I test an integration? Do you have a sandbox account?

If you have connected your Coinbase Commerce account to an eCommerce platform, we recommend adding products to your cart and choosing Coinbase Commerce as your payment method. When you continue to pay, if a checkout page successfully loads, your integration is configured correctly.

If you've built a custom integration using our API, there are a couple ways to test your integration. To test that your service responds to webhook notifications appropriately, you can send test webhooks by visiting the settings page, scrolling down to the Webhook subscriptions section, clicking on Details next to the relevant webhook, and clicking the Send test button. Additionally, we recommend making a small purchase from your store to ensure that the end-to-end integration is working correctly.

At this time, we don't offer any test or sandbox accounts, but it's something that we’re hoping to provide in the future.

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