Invoicing allows merchants to easily request crypto payments from customers. Merchants have the ability to manage their crypto payments, track their invoice status, and review their transaction history. 

How do I create and send an invoice?

  1. Go to the Invoices page and select Create Invoice, or select Accept payments on the bottom left-hand to get started.

  2. Enter your business name, if not already listed, and select Add business name.

  3. Enter the payment amount, which is automatically denominated in your local currency.

  4. Enter the customer’s email and name (optional).

  5. Enter a memo (optional) and select Create Invoice to complete.

  6. Copy the generated invoice link to send directly to your customer, or select Write an email to populate an email written by us in your default email app with a link to your invoice. 

Once the link is sent, your customers will be able to review the invoice details and complete payment using their Coinbase account. You’ll both receive an email notification when a payment is completed.

For more information regarding payments, please see this help page.

Where can I view all of my invoices?

You can view all of your invoices and their status on the Invoice page. To access payment details for individual invoices, select the desired invoice to view more information.

Can I cancel an invoice?

Only invoices with an Open or Viewed status can be voided. If you’d like to cancel an invoice, select that payment request from your Invoice page, click Void invoice, and follow the prompts.

Once complete, the payment window will be closed. You’ll need to create a new invoice if a payment is still needed. 

In the rare event that a payment is made as you void an invoice, the payment would still be delivered to the destination address and would be marked as delayed. When you review the delayed payment, you can mark it as Resolved to complete the transaction or select Refund payment.

The merchant is responsible for issuing a refund, and it is very important that you contact the customer to get the correct crypto address to return the funds.

For more information on refunding a customer, please visit this help page.

Where can I download my transaction history? 

Your transaction history report displays all of your crypto transactions in a single CSV file. 

To download all of your transaction history, go to Payments > select Generate CSV > select Download CSV

Once complete, you can view a detailed report of all of your transaction history. 

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