Opportunistic flushing

About flushing

Flushing is the process of deploying a contract to a predetermined address when a set of conditions is met. In this case, flushing refers to when Coinbase Commerce sends funds from the forwarding address to your home address.

Self-managed ETH & ERC-20 payments use forwarding contracts as the address that receives payments. Commerce monitors these forwarding contracts for payment and confirms payment before flushing to your merchant home address.

How flushing works on Commerce

Once Commerce sees a successful payment was sent to the correct forwarding address, we will mark the payment as confirmed

All of these conditions must be met for a payment to be considered confirmed:

  • The payment was sent through the correct network 

  • The currency is enabled on your payment settings

  • For a fixed price charge, the correct amount was sent

  • The payment was sent prior to charge expiration 

Previously, Commerce would flush funds from the forwarding address to your home address immediately after the payment was confirmed on-chain. Now, Commerce will flush the funds from the forwarding address to your home address at the optimal time within a 24 hour period following confirmation. 

Once the payment has been flushed from the forwarding address to your home address, the funds will be made available to you for withdrawal.

To speed up the flushing process, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Balances section of your merchant dashboard.

  2. Select the pending payment, which will be listed according to the currency used.

  3. Select Make available now.

When you choose Make available now, the forwarding address will flush funds in 2-3 hours instead of within the default 24 hour timeframe. 

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