View payments in the merchant dashboard

Accessing the payments view

Merchants have the ability to address payment exceptions directly from the payments view in the merchant dashboard.  The payments view can be accessed by logging in to your merchant account and then selecting the payments link on the menu bar.

In the payments view, you can review all of the payments your Commerce account has received. All payments will including the following details:

  • Order creation date & time

  • Product

  • Status 

  • Customer details (If required by the merchant)

  • Order amount & currency

  • Actions (resolve, refund)

Additionally, you can search for a payment using the search icons or the date range filter. You can search payments using:

  • The 8-digit Commerce order code

  • The transactions receiving address

  • The cryptocurrency transaction hash that corresponds to the customer's transaction, which is recorded in their cryptocurrency wallet.

Payments can have one of the following statuses:

  • New - The payment has been created

  • Pending - The transaction has been detected

  • Completed - The transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain network

  • Expired - The payment request has expired (requests expire after 60 minutes if no payment has been detected)

  • Unresolved - The transaction has been confirmed but the payment diverged from what was expected

    • Underpaid - The amount received was less than the amount requested

    • Overpaid - The amount received was more than the amount requested

    • Delayed - The amount received arrived after the payment request expired

    • Multiple - Multiple payments were made to the same address

    • Other - The transaction is of an unknown type

  • Resolved - The merchant has marked the payment as resolved

  • Canceled - The request has been canceled. Only new charges can be canceled. Once a payment has been detected a charge cannot be canceled.

  • Pending refund - A refund has been initiated for this charge. Once a payment has been refunded it cannot be undone.

  • Refunded - A refund has been broadcast and confirmed by the blockchain network

Viewing payment details

To review the details of an order, select the desired order from the payments view list.  The payment details view will be shown, which includes the following details: 

  • Order code

  • Transaction activity

    • the date that the order was detected on the blockchain

    • the date that the order was confirmed on the blockchain

    • the history of the invoice (creation, payment received, refund sent, credited)

    • a link to the corresponding cryptocurrency transaction on a blockchain explorer

  • The local currency or casah amount requested (the expected amount when the payment was created)

  • Number of payments

  • The amount received

    • the total amount paid by the user in the selected cryptocurrency

    • the exchange rate at the time of the transaction

  • Difference from listed price (this field will populate in the event of an over or underpayment)

  • The order status

  • A sharable link to the payment’s receipt

Once a payment has reached the Completed status, the order can be refunded if the balance on your Coinbase Commerce account allows it. Until then, the Refund button on the payment view is grayed out.

Using the Payments view:

The possible actions that can be performed from the Payments view includes the following:

  • Refunding the full amount of a fully paid invoice

  • Refund a partial amount of a fully paid invoice

  • Refunding an underpaid invoice

  • Refund the overpaid portion of an overpaid invoice

Should I direct my customers to contact Coinbase with questions?

If the customer has a question about the payment status or using the Coinbase product, then the customer should be directed to the Coinbase Help Center or to submit a request to our support team. Questions about an order status or refund should be handled by you, the merchant.

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