Support FAQ

How to confirm transfer of crypto funds from Coinbase Wallet

Here are some tips for how to confirm this information:

  1. Click on the asset listed in your wallet to view the transaction history

  2. Select the transaction that matches the date in which you sent your crypto 

  3. Click 'view on block explorer' at the bottom of the screen to view the transaction hash. 

  4. Confirm if the status on the block explorer page is set to 'success' or 'pending'. 

A block explorer shows you a record of all crypto transactions on a particular blockchain network. Enter the transaction hash/hash ID into the block explorer to locate your transaction. To find out how to do this, visit our help article: What is a transaction hash/hash ID? 

In some cases, the hash ID of your transaction may include multiple transactions, which is why you may see several addresses, including the address associated with the crypto you sent. 

If nothing shows up on the block explorer page, check to see if the balance in your account has changed since your first tried to send the crypto. 

If the balance has changed and there is still nothing showing on the block explorer page, you can reach out to that wallet’s support team for more assistance (we recommend this step if the external address you sent the crypto to is one that you own).  

Other steps you can take: 

  • Ensure you sent funds on the correct network

  • If you intended to send these funds to another party, please use the hash ID as conclusive proof that your funds were successfully sent to that address. 

  • Contact the recipient to see if they are able to refund your transaction. 

  • If you do need a refund, make sure you provide the receiving party with the transaction hash/ID and one of your wallet addresses to send the refund to. 

Please note: cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and funds cannot be canceled, reversed, or recovered by Coinbase after they have been sent out of your account.