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How to request a phone number change

If you no longer have access to the verified phone number on your account, you can request a phone number change.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Have your government-issued ID handy.

    • You will need to take a picture of the front and back of your ID in order to complete the account recovery process.

  2. On your computer or device, navigate to the Coinbase website.

    • This process must be completed through the website and cannot be completed using the mobile app.

  3. Sign in to your Coinbase account using your email and password

  4. When prompted for a 2-step verification code, select 'I need help'.

  5. Note: If you do not receive a 2-step verification prompt after signing in, try clearing your browser cache or following the above steps in your browser's private mode.

  6. Select 'I need to update my phone number'.

  7. Follow the instructions to complete account recovery.

    • After you complete all the steps, watch for a confirmation email. It will take about 48-72 hours.

    • When that security waiting period has passed and your account has been verified, you’ll receive SMS codes on your new phone number and should be able to sign in using those.

    • For more information on how to troubleshoot 2-step verification issues, please read this help article.

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