Support FAQ

How to view your balance and transactions

To view your balance and transactions, go to the following links on a desktop computer:

  • To view your account balance: 

  • To view your full history of buy and sell orders on your account: 

  • To view your transaction history on the Mobile app, please select an Asset from the account balance view. 

  • Once a new page loads, select the Asset again, located under the graph. From there, you will see your full history for the specific Asset. 

  • To generate a statement that contains your transaction history, please follow the steps listed below on a desktop computer: 

    1. Select your profile name and image in the top right corner of the screen 

    2. Select Reports 

    3. Select Generate Report to the right of Transaction History 

    4. Choose CSV or PDF 

    5. Wait for the Report to generate 

    6. Click Download 

You can visit our Help Center article here for additional information: 

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