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Asset trading and transfers

All funds held on Coinbase Custody are stored completely offline in segregated cold storage wallets. We offer easy and efficient ways to make funds available for trading or transferring within, or outside of, Coinbase.


Deposits are always available and will display in Coinbase Custody based on blockchain confirmations. Deposit addresses are available via Custody website and API. The Custody

Client Services team is available during operating hours (Monday through Friday from 2am–6pm PT) to confirm all wallets over phone, video call, or email. 


There are three phases to our withdrawal process: Initiation, Authorization, and Execution. When onboarding to Coinbase Custody, you’ll be able to customize withdrawal initiation and authorization settings. 

These configurations can be updated within the Custody platform, or by reaching out to the Custody Client Services team.

Withdrawal requirements

  • Initiate withdrawal on Custody website

  • Complete user consensus

  • Complete a video authorization call 

Withdrawal SLAs

  • SLA for scheduled withdrawal is under 4 hours

  • Withdrawal requests made during business hours (2am–5pm PST Monday through Friday) are subject to 24-hour SLA

  • Withdrawal requests outside of business hours are subject to a 48-hour SLA

Trading via Coinbase OTC

  • Coinbase’s agency-only OTC desk is available to offer pricing for trades out of Coinbase Custody 

  • 24-hour delayed settlement is available for eligible clients, enabling instant trading without bringing funds online 

  • All trades must be confirmed by signing in to Coinbase Pro

Trading Outside of Coinbase 

  • All Custody accounts maintain an address book where you’re able to pre-approve an unlimited number of addresses for regularly used destinations

  • Making funds available to trade or transfer always requires completion of the Custody withdrawal process, as defined

  • There are no fees to withdraw funds and no restrictions on withdrawal times

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