Can I create an Exchange account in the name of a trust?

Coinbase supports accounts in the name of a trust through our business platforms Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Custody

Setting up a trust through Coinbase Exchange and Custody

If you're new to Coinbase Exchange, you'll first need to apply for an account. Once the application is reviewed and approved, our Client Services team will help you complete the account setup during the onboarding process. 

You'll work with an analyst directly through email during the onboarding process to ensure your account is exactly how you want it. During this process, let the Client Services team know you're interested in a trust account.

If you already have a Coinbase Exchange or Coinbase Custody account, reach out to the Client Services team and let them know you're interested in setting up an account for a trust—they'll guide you through the next steps in the process. 

Linking bank accounts for

While we don't support joint Coinbase accounts or accounts in the name of trusts or similar entities on, we do support linking joint bank accounts to a Coinbase account as a payment method.

Please note, the name of your bank account must match the name of your personal Coinbase account for If you would like to use a business bank account instead, please consider applying for an account on Coinbase Exchange.