Coinbase International Exchange

Getting started with your International Exchange account

Coinbase International Exchange is open for applications by non-US institutions in select jurisdictions. US institutions are strictly prohibited from access. Application eligibility includes the foreign entity’s country of incorporation, principal place of operations, and completion of all required questions and affirmations. See onboarding requirements.

Institutional perpetual futures trading is available via Coinbase International Exchange. Trading can be done via API or we have integrated with Talos for trading via UI.

Retail perpetuals future trading is available via Coinbase Advanced.

To apply for Perpetual Futures:

  1. Sign in or sign up on as a business account 

  2. Create and submit an application by filling out your required information and selecting “International Exchange” as the product you wish to apply for.


Perpetual futures trading is highly risky and may result in a loss of funds greater than the total amount of funds you have on deposit in your International Exchange account.