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How much leverage is available to me if I am eligible to trade perpetual futures?

The amount of leverage to trade a perpetual futures contract is determined by the notional value of the contract, which is calculated as the price of the underlying asset multiplied by the contract multiplier), divided by the initial margin requirement for that contract. 

To illustrate an example, a customer executes 1 BTC quantity at a price of $20,000 and the initial margin requirement is 20%. The Position Size is $20,000 (1 * $20,000) and the initial margin requirement would be $4,000 ($20,000 * 20%). Therefore, the leverage on this position is calculated as 5x ($20,000 / $4,000), meaning, the customers' gains and losses will be magnified by 5x of their $4,000 collateral requirement based on price fluctuations.

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