Coinbase International Exchange

How do I deposit funds?


When you deposit assets, you need to confirm that you're using the correct supported network prior to initiating the transaction. You may permanently lose funds that are deposited to an unsupported or incorrect network. Coinbase can’t recover these funds.

Currently, only USDC can be deposited and used as collateral. You can deposit funds to open a position and satisfy margin requirements or replenish your margin level to maintain an existing position.

To deposit USDC from an outside source into your International Exchange account:

  1. Navigate to Portfolio in the left navigation bar of the screen and select Deposit

  2. Select USD Coin (USDC is currently the only currency we allow for deposits and withdrawals)

  3. Select Crypto Address 

  4. Using the drop down, select the Network* associated with your deposit address.

    • You have a unique USDC address for each Network. Please ensure you use the correct address when depositing funds.

  5. Copy the deposit address or use the QR code to send USDC to the displayed Coinbase International Exchange wallet address.

*USDC is supported on the following Networks:

  • Ethereum

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche C-Chain

  • Polygon

  • Solana 

  • Base

  • Optimism