Coinbase International Exchange

International Exchange Fees

Coinbase International Exchange user will be placed into fee tiers based on their last 30-day volume (L30D) and USDC balance. The tiers will be evaluated on a monthly basis.

The below fee schedule is effective as of November 1, 2023.

Fees are refreshed every 10 minutes, looking at L30D volume and USDC balance.

L30D is the sum of volume from each 10-minute interval in the last rolling 30 days (sum volume from last 4,320 10-minute intervals)

USDC balance is the average of hourly USDC balance snapshots from the last rolling 24 hours. Pending orders and unrealized P&L is not included in the balance calculation.

An order receives the fees from the period in which it was placed, not the period in which it was executed.

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