Aggregate listings

Coinbase NFT now aggregates NFT listings from other marketplaces including LooksRare and OpenSea, allowing you to discover and buy NFTs at the best price from multiple marketplaces on Coinbase NFT.

No, you can continue to use any of the Coinbase NFT supported wallets to purchase listings from any marketplace.

Coinbase NFT shows listings from LooksRare and OpenSea, with more marketplaces coming soon. Currently, only ERC-721 NFTs are supported for aggregate listings.

On the NFT page and during checkout, you will be able to see which marketplace the listing is sourced from.

No, there will be no additional fees.

Creator royalties are honored based on the marketplace the NFT is sourced from (e.g LooksRare, OpenSea).

At this time, Coinbase NFT only aggregates Ethereum listings. We plan to integrate more blockchains into this experience soon.

If you wish to find more details about an NFT, you can do this by viewing the NFT’s metadata, which is the raw data file (typically formatted as a JSON document) that contains all of the important information about an NFT, including the name, description, link to the hosted image, specific traits, etc.

Use the following url format to access the metadata on Etherscan: / nft / (enter contract address) / (enter token id)

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